Wood pigeons arrive in our garden at Kaimai Country Lodge

Published about 2 months ago by Margie in Lodge

Two Kereru (NZ Wood Pidgeon) feeding in our Kowhai tree.

There is never a dull day in our garden and always something new to look at especially with Spring approaching.  While Greg has been busy pruning the fig trees,  I have been trying to take photos of 2 gorgeous fat wood pigeons (kereru) sitting in one of our gum trees.  They really are the most magnificient birds, the size of a large chicken and and with stunning colouring.  For the past 7 years one of our main objectives in planting native trees in our garden is to attract lots of native birds.  Every year brings a new species to our garden and although in the past we have had an occassional Kereru visit this year they are coming in pairs and staying longer in the garden.  We are very excited, they are such beautiful, large birds.  They have been in the garden for at least an  hour, first having a snooze in the gum tree and then moving over to the Kowhai for a feed.  While in the kowhai a couple of Australian parrots flew over, and the pigeons sat up and although so much bigger than the parrots they looked alert and moved together making taking a photo easier.  Although they have white fronts and sides and beautiful turquoise green, blue and pink plumage they somehow manage to merge into the trees and are quite hard to photograph especially on my old point and click camera.  We are also pleased to have lots of Piwakawaka (NZ fantail) now as perminent residents in the garden.  They also took years to feel at home here but now are always near by and very friendly. They flit around us in the garden almost flying into us and squeaking a happy chirp as they dance around.  If you love natvie birds and trees you will really enjoy staying here and wandering through our garden.  In our orchard we have about 15 orange trees which are now producing a daily abundance of oranges.  After squeezing some fresh for breakfast and using them in cooking and fruit salads we also use the skins for making candied peel which will be a new product for us to sell this Christmas at our local farmers market through our stall called "The Red Hen Pantry".  Many of our guests have been enjoying our jams and preserves for breakfast and often buy some to take home as gifts for their friends and family back home.

 A Piwakwaka (NZ Fantail) resident in our garden

Red Hen Pantry - a new business are combining with our lodge

Published about 7 months ago by Margie in Lodge

Greg and I have created a large range of jams, marmalades, chutneys and relishes.  We also sell clotted cream fudge made from our own clotted cream (Cornish Style) , we have named it "Wicked Fudge" as it is pure evil but really delicious.  We have them in small boxes for sale, ideal to...
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Visitor enjoy their breakfast al fresco

Published about 8 months ago by Greg in Guests

When the weather lets us, we serve the guests breakfast on the front deck overlooking the Bay of Plenty out to Mt. Maunganui and the Tauranga Harbour. But if it s too wet or cold, we serve breakfast in our dining room.
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Another busy January

Published about 8 months ago by Margie in Guests

Breakfast is always fun when you have guests from several different countries all chatting away together about their different travel experiences.  It has been very hot in New Zealand this summer and many of our guests have been making a bee line for the beach.  Waihi Beach and Mt Manganui Beach...
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Twilight Concerts here again

Published about 8 months ago by Margie in Activities

Venue Haiku Reserve, Main St, KatikatiGates open 5:00PMShow starts 6:00PMFree parking Coffee cart on site Tickets Single entry tickets ($25) are available at the gate (cash only). Season tickets are available from Katikati Information Centre or online at or by phoning...
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Tauranga Jazz Festival

Published almost 2 years ago by Greg in Activities

55th National Jazz Festival Early release of tickets for headline show! We are excited to announce an early release of tickets today for our headline show ALCHEMY.  Featuring four of New Zealand’s favourite singers - Ria Hall, Anna Coddington, Julia Deans and Bella Kalolo - performing 19 iconic...
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Poppies along our entrance driveway

Published almost 2 years ago by Greg in Lodge

                          Above is a picture that I took today looking down our entrance driveway across a host of bright red poppies. It was such a glorious sight that I had to share it with everyone. 
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Spring is here and so is the asparagus

Published almost 2 years ago by Greg in Lodge

You can't beat fresh from the garden, just picked, asparagus with soft poached eggs with a little parmesan cheese, Yum !! It has been a wet start to spring here which is good for the plants but not for the gardener! It has been too wet to get out and do some work, just grabbing some time...
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NZ International Film Festival

Published about 2 years ago by Greg du Bern in Activities

      We have just completed a week's viwing of some of the great films shown at this year's film festival in Auckland. My favourite film was 'I, Daniel Blake' from the UK. We also attended the world premiere of a new NZ film called 'The Rehearsal' that was directed by...
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Te Waihou Walkway and the Blue Springs

Published over 2 years ago by Margie in Activities

Another day walk Greg and I have done recently is the Te Waihou Walkway.  It is about an hour's drive from our lodge and close to Hobbiton so good to do before or after a visit to the popular "Lord of the Rings"  movie set location.   The walk way is a very easy walk and good for...
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