A glorious morning

Published about 4 years ago by Margie

I am so used to waking early to prepare breakfast for our guests so today although we don't have any guests staying today was no exception.  I was up at 6 with the birds.  I am so pleased I woke up early as the sunlight on the lodge, the garden and the surrounding hills was quite extraordinary.  You know sometimes when you look at the sky it lgihts up areas as if they have spot lights on them.  Well this morning it was our turn.  I managed to get some beautiful photos.  Everything looked amazing.  Now as I write this it is misty and raining and hard to believe how beautiful everything was just a few short hours ago.  Mind you even the mist on the mountains has its own kind of beauty.

The guest deck and roses at dawn

The Mamaku Room and Lodge at dawn

The Lodge from the garden in the morning sun

Blooming Roses

Published about 4 years ago by Greg in Lodge

Here are some pictures of the roses and hibiscus flowering in the garden today. It is a super sunny day today and the garden is looking it's best.
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Visitors from France

Published about 4 years ago by Margie

Well Christmas has been and gone and apart from the rather not so good weather we had a great time.  Our lodge was full of B & B guests and it turned out that all but one were from France.  As Greg's family originate from France he too can claim to be a little bit french. Our guests all...
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New cafe/restaurant at Waihi Beach

Published about 4 years ago by Margie in Eating Out

Some good news here is that a new cafe / restaurant has opened up at Waihi Beach Hotel, from all accounts it is wonderful.  It has only been open a few weeks but is already talk of the town and several people have been there and they all raved about it very enthusiastically.  We have a very nice...
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The festive season

Published about 4 years ago by Margie in Lodge

The festive season is upon us and it is all go at Kaimai Country Lodge.  We are expecting a full house over the Christmas and New Year period. We have a couple coming from Hong Kong for 5 nights and several people from the UK.   Our guests are keen to dine with us on Christmas Day so we are busy...
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