A week of firsts

Published February 14, 2014 by Margie in Guests

We are nearing the end of another busy week at Kaimai Country Lodge. This week we have had lots of fun with guests from Sweden, England, Argentina and Norway. We have had a lot of people from England before but this it is the first time we have had guests from Sweden, Argentina or Norway.  

We had several guests having  dinner each night with much hilarity around the dining table.  Pam, one of our English guests, was celebrating a birthday. So I made another Annabel Langbein recipe - a cloud cake.  It was the first time I had made it and luckily it turned out really well. It was delicious and a gorgeous pink colour which I decorated with some candles and rose petals from the garden. It was like strawberry ice cream on a cheese cake base. It is a shame I forgot to serve the berry coulis that was supposed to go with it. It stayed in the fridge. I always seem to forget something, must be a sign of age creeping up on me. Anyway, it didn’t matter as it tasted delicious.  

Pam and Ian had been referred to us by their son and daughter in law who stayed with us earlier this month. It is great that people are referring their friends and relatives to stay, we must be doing something right.  

Our Swedish guests love seafood so we had a feast of mussels followed by Sake Roast Salmon (another Annabel recipe). I am becoming quite a fan of her recipes as they are pretty fail safe and always taste delicious and aren’t hard to make.  

Our Norwegian guests are keen to go horse riding while they are here and we are also booking them on a trip to Hobbiton.  We also have a couple from Idaho staying for 3 days. They have been exploring the Katikati bird gardens today and places in and around Katikati.

Here is a picture of the Cloud Cake:-