European Green Finches in the garden

Published October 23, 2014 by Margie in Lodge

We have taken to leaving the binoculars out on the kitchen window sill  so we can quickly access them to identify the birds that are flitting around the lodge garden. Being Spring there are many birds coming to explore our plants. This morning we were excited to see European Green Finches jumping around in the vegetable garden. One of them seemed particularly interested in a borage plant or maybe it was the insects on the ground underneath.

We are looking out for Tuis at the moment. We have hundreds of flax bushes in the garden and they are all about to burst into flower. In previous years the Tuis have loved the flax flowers and we hope they will be back in the garden soon. Unfortunately they are having to compete for nectar with the Indian Minar birds. We also have lots of Welcome Swallows darting around and there is a little nest in the corner of the house under the eves. Every now and then you see the heads of little baby birds popping up wondering when their Mum is going to return with their breakfast.  

The apple and pear trees are starting to blossum and there are lots of baby plums on a tree in the orchard. After our trip to South America when the garden was neglected for several weeks, Greg is now busily getting everything ship shape again. He has been sowing wild flower seeds and planting sunflower seeds and I have put in an order for more veges.  Our guests often comment on the wonderful fresh salads that we produce from the garden. Hopefully this year there will be lots of fruit as well. We haven’t got any strawberries appearing yet but we buy our strawberries from an excellent market garden near by. The strawberries have always just been picked that morning and are large, luscious and juicy. There are lots of pretty flowers starting to appear in the garden too. There is lavender out so I will be making a batch of our very popular lavender short bread, I have given my neighbour lots of lemons to make into lemon honey (lemon curd) and there are also some beautiful irises in the garden. Oh what an abundant time of year spring is!