Feijoa Wine Maker extraordinaire

Published October 25, 2015 by Margie in Lodge

Although our feijoa trees are still quite small and very young we had a great harvest from them last summer. We made feijoa cake, feijoa chutney, feijoa jam, feijoa ice cream, feijoa crumble and feijoa paste. Going online to find more recipes to use for this very versitile fruit Greg came up with a feijoa wine recipe. So off we went to the home brew store and bought all the necessary equipment and paraphenalia to make our feijoa wine.

Greg is a perfectionist and has followed the instructions to a T with the result, this afternoon he has bottled a very drinkable though young feijoa wine. Many of our overseas guests have not come across the feijoa fruit before coming here and try our feijoa products with interests and most people like them, though like so many foods they are an aquired taste. I love the fruit raw and was rather sceptical about the idea of home brewed wine. But as I write this blog I am sipping on our first glass.

It is still a bit young but very drinkable and we look forward to offering it to our guests this summer, (not compulsory of course), you may prefer to taste some of our wonderful Central Otago Pinot Noir or a Reserve Savignon from one of our many wine producing regions. Our feijoa wine is yet another wonderful New Zealand wine we have to offer.