Guest on a mission!

Published June 19, 2015 by Margie in

This week we had a different guest from normal, this was a non paying, garden raiding pink pig! Greg was out in the garden and he saw a large whitish pink shape wandering along the top lawn. He went to investigate this very unusual looking visitor and came face to face with a large  pig. He had escaped from our neighbours farm and and come to investigate what delicacies he could find.

After shooing the pig out the gate and back to the farm Greg went on a garden inspection and was horrified to find our beautiful new seasons crops of cabbages, cauliflower and brussels sprouts had been decimmated by the said pig. Greg was not a happy man! The good news is that the pig turned his nose up at our spinach, rhubarb and various other delicious greens so all is not lost. We may be a bit short on some veg but still have others to take their place. The farmer has offered to buy us some more seedlings. So we will start all over again. Greg had nurtured all the young plants through the winter and covered them with hooped covers to protect them in bad weather and we had just been admiring and saying how good they will be to eat. Ah well the joys of living off the land.

We have had quite a lot of rain this winter so the garden and farm land beyond is looking pretty green and lush. Although it is mid winter and our quiet time we still have a few visitors coming and going. Today we are looking forward to welcoming some guests from China and then next weekend we have guests from Auckland who are coming for a weekend getaway to celebrate a birthday.

In spite of the rain we have had some gloriously fine days and I have joined a walking group which meets each Tuesday and we walk around many of the local walks in the area.  My favourite Katikati walk is along the Haiku Pathway and then onto the Bird and Sculpture walk along the Uretara Steam and Estuary.