Horse Trekking at Tuapiro Point

Published March 25, 2014 by Margie in Activities

We have had visitors this month from Boston USA, England, Noosa, Sydney, and Southport in Australia and France. The weather has been gorgeous most days and our guests have enjoyed all kinds of activities.

Our guests from the UK were a family from the South of England. They were keen to go for a horse ride along the beach. Marianna runs a recreational riding business nearby so we teamed up with her and we had a wonderful trek along the beach across a the lagoon at Tuapiro Point which is just north of Katikati in the northern part of Tauranga Harbour so it is very sheltered and calm. It was high tide and the sea was a glorious turquoise colour. The sun was shinning with no wind so it was the perfect day for a horse trek.

Lisa, one of the guests owns her own horse in England so she was able to do a bit of cantering while the rest of us who were less experienced either trotted or walked along the waters edge. It was very relaxing (probably more for us than the horses).