Spring is sprung

Published August 02, 2014 by Margie in Lodge

Well it is only August and I have just put my first bowl of daffadills on the dresser.  It has been a very short winter here in Katikati and already there are little calves skipping around the fields that surround our lodge.

Greg has been busy this week planting yet more fruit trees. We both spend a couple days weeding and preparing the vege garden and Greg has planted lots of veges ready for our guests to eat in the spring. Guests often comment on the fresh vegetables and salads that we serve here. Often they are just picked moments before they are presented for a meal.

Although we are not certified organic we use organic principles to grow our veges. Greg has also planted a lot of cane fruit this year. So you can look forward to being served fresh raspberries or strawberries when you come to stay.