Te Waihou Walkway and the Blue Springs

Published May 17, 2016 by Margie in Activities

Another day walk Greg and I have done recently is the Te Waihou Walkway. It is about an hour’s drive from our lodge and close to Hobbiton so good to do before or after a visit to the popular “Lord of the Rings”  movie set location.  The walk way is a very easy walk and good for people who like hiking but are not hugely fit. Greg and I are in our 60’s and of average fitness and we found it very easy. Unlike most New Zealand hiking trails it does not take you through native bush but rather through some rich rolling farm land found on the Waikato Plains. The track is well maintained and ambles along beside the Waihou River. The water is beautifully clear all the way along the track and there are several places you can stop and swim.

Being May and our autumn, it was a bit cold for Greg and I but there were several hardy tourists enjoying a swim. Once you get to the Blue Springs you can swim right over to them. The water is very clear and not very deep.  It is a lovely place to take a picnic to. There are small waterfalls along the river. It is a 4.7km  track and takes 3 hours to do the return walk plus time you spend at the springs.

Greg is a mad keen fisherman as you may have gathered from reading our website.  We had to stop often to inspect the water for trout. There were lots of trout but they were all very small by New Zealand standards so no good for fishing but lovely to watch.

The spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateau were the water takes up to 100 years to filter through. This results in the water being so clean and pure that it is a beautiful blue colour and crystal clear so that you can see the bottom of the river as you walk along beside it. This is another great day out from the lodge.