Dinner - we have several good restaurants close to lodge

If you would like us to discuss your dining options we can suggest several good places. Favourites with our guests are: Ambria and the Talisman Hotel (pub), both do excellent meal with a varied menu including seafoods, steaks, pizzas and a great variety of other dishes including vegetarian options. The service in both restaurants is excellent and food fresh and well cooked by every good chefs. Both restaurants are very close to our lodge. The pub (Talisman) has a nice outdoor eating area with a huge avocado tree in the centre of the courtyard. Both places have very friendly staff.

We can also recommend the Indian Restaurant next door to Ambria, also very close to the lodge. We have several takeaway options too including Pizzas, Chinese Takeaway, Subway and several more and some good cafes and a lovely bakery for coffees and snacks during the day.