Kaimai Country Lodge – Sustainability Statement

19 September 2012

We are a company that is socially and environmentally responsible, provides a comfortable, safe and clean environment for guests, that embraces creativity and diversity and is financially rewarding.

Kaimai Country Lodge (KCL) is situated in the foothills of the beautiful Kaimai Ranges just south of Katikati. In designing our lodge we have been constantly mindful of our effect on the environment.

Our aim is to minimise any adverse impact we may have on our surroundings and where possible improve our environment by planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs. Our aim is to regenerate some natural bush and attract native birds and insects thus enhancing the diversity & eco system of our property.

Wherever possible we have implemented eco-friendly practises which we share with our guests. For example when showing our guests around the garden we talk to them about how we have planted trees to attract native birds and to enhance the environment. We talk about the water supply being harvested from the rain on the roof and the eco friendly design and construction of the house using only sustainable plantation timbers.

We have a large garden and have many fruit and nut trees. When in season we use these for our guest's meals. We also source as much fresh produce as we can from other local growers. As part of our sustainability plan we also support local businesses whenever possible in preference to those further afield.

Our intention is to create an environment that encourages the return of native flora & fauna and by using organic practises, where ever possible, we are reducing waste, minimising our impact on the land and improving it at the same time. We recycle and compost our kitchen and garden waste.

Sustainable practices promoted and followed by KCL:-

  1. Land for KCL was purchased as a ‘brown fields’ site and was planted with many hundreds of NZ native plants to encourage the return of native flora and fauna.
  2. The lodge is constructed of FSC® certified plantation pine and cedar trees and the decks using FSC® certified sustainable wood products such as Vitex.
  3. The lodge is fully insulated, with double glazing, using re-cycled insulation products, to minimise heating/cooling energy requirements.
  4. KCL uses a modern, high efficiency, triple air combustion system log fire for heating that is compliant with the current emissions regulations, NES, ECAN and ORC Airshed 1 clean air approved.
  5. Wood for heating is sustainably gathered and pine or gum used wherever possible (not native timbers).
  6. Electrical appliances are turned off when not in use.
  7. All electric lights are low wattage fluro-tubes or LED and turned off when not in use.
  8. KCL has been designed with lots of large windows, and a skylight in the hall, to enhance the use of natural light and minimise need for electrical lighting
  9. KCL drapes in all bedrooms and living areas have a thermo suede backing which reduces heat intake and loss as required.
  10. Large French doors allow natural air flow for cooling in summer.
  11. Water supply for KCL is sustainable using rain water collected in two 25K litre storage tanks gathered from the lodge and garage roofs.
  12. Waste water is run to a septic tank whose run off waters and feeds the orchard trees to minimise nitrogen and phosphate runoff into waterways.
  13. Household refuse is separated into re-cycle or waste bins to minimise land fill waste and maximise re-use of packaging materials etc.
  14. We have planted over ninety fruit trees on the property that include apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, oranges, mandarins, feijoa, tamarillo, passion fruit, cherries, apricots, almonds, walnut, chestnut, hazel nut and macadamia nuts.

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